£295,129 for Citizens Advice Daventry & District

We are delighted to have raised £295,129 of continuation funding for Citizens Advice Daventry & District from The National Lottery Community Fund’s Reaching Communities programme.

In 2018, we raised £257,111 from the National Lottery Community Fund to help people in Daventry and the surrounding areas with mental health problems claim their benefit entitlements, manage their finances better and improve their wellbeing and independence. Over three years, the project supported 354 people.

We worked alongside Citizens Advice Daventry to evaluate the project. People told us the project was "life changing" and helped them to "feel more in control" and give them "a second chance at life". Through our evaluation, we identified a need to widen the accessibility of the project beyond people with mental health problems.

Empowerment for All builds on the success of Citizens Advice Daventry's previous project. Over the next three years, they will extend their support to people with sight loss and people with learning difficulties as well as reach more people with mental health problems. Combined, 930 people will benefit.

Citizens Advice Daventry will also work Northamptonshire Mind, Northamptonshire Association for the Blind and Daventry Volunteer Centre’s Horizon project to co-deliver financial wellbeing workshops. Workshops will engage people who experience transport poverty, have difficulties accessing support and/or mistrust benefit/debt advice services.