£210,000 for Women's Health Matters

West Yorkshire has the highest rate of domestic-abuse related crimes in England, with rates 44% higher than the England average (ONS, 2022).

Women’s Health Matters works to support women and girls from Leeds’ most disadvantaged communities to have a fair chance at a better life. For the last 36 years, they have supported women with unequal access to health and support services due to poverty, ethnicity, disability, or traumatic personal experience. They specialise in delivering professionally facilitated group work, peer support and education, and one-to-one support from professionals. 93% of women they support report feeling safer.

Each year, they work intensively with around 1,200 women, their families, and girls in and around Leeds, many of whom have experienced domestic, emotional, or sexual abuse, and/or have been the victim of violence.

To date, we have raised over £2,300,000 for Women’s Health Matters, through 56 successful funding applications.

Our most recent successful application, from the Henry Smith Charity, raised £210,000. The grant will contribute to Women’s Health Matters’ core costs over the next three years.